Quiet quality, that would be my short description of the Leica Q, my new travel companion when documenting different ways of living. When the Leica Q was announced in June, I immediately traded in my Leica M9 for Leica Q. Normally I would have second thoughts on switching to a new camera, considering I was […]

How you start your day affects the rest of it It is barely passed six this fine Tuesday morning. The sun is rising. Seven nuns and five monks are on their way into a half lit empty church. They are all dressed in white robes. Leather sandals. Bible and psalm book in their hands. On […]

The farmer Ola Haugen was born in 1941. He has lived all his life on Haugen farm in Skogbygda in Vågå. Ola took over the farm from his parents in 1979. He is still a bachelor. Ola lives a simple life. I met Ola by chance. It was his farmhouse that made me exit the […]