I believe in black & white photography, the simplicity, the endless classic and most of all since the advent of colour, black & white photography often connotes something «nostalgic», historic or anachronistic and I simply love it, and it has by the years slowly become my photography DNA. To make this project complete in the matter of containing […]

Last year I participated in the Leica Street Smart WorkShop in Istanbul. This year a whole new thing occurred. A new workshop and a new place. Let me present you: Leica Street Smart WorkShop Los Angeles, the city of angels, California, USA. This time the host, Bresson AS, who is the sole distributor of Leica cameras, lenses and binoculars […]

Bli med på Leica Street Smart Workshop i Los Angeles! Fotograf Bjørn Opsahl og Andreas Smaaland guider oss gjennom LA fra 30. august til 8. september 2013. I tillegg har vi med oss Magnumfotograf Steve McCurry og fotograf Greg Gorman. Last ned flyeren som pdf her! Steve McCurry What is important to my work is […]