Fram til 15. august har fotograf Trym Ivar Bergsmo utstilling på Petter Dass-museet i Sandnessjøen. Bildene er fotografert med Leica M Monochrom og er en del av et langsiktig prosjekt som han jobber med. Trym Ivar Bergsmo har jobbet med foto som kunstnerisk uttrykksform i mer en 25 år. Han har hatt en rekke utstillinger […]

I wish we didn’t call it black and white. Because what we are actually interested in are the things in between, the shades of gray. And we have a lot more than fifty to play with. Grayscale photography can easily be seen as old fashioned. Naturally, since grays were around a hundred years before colors. […]

Do you really use all of your resolution? How about throwing some of it away? On the side of my regular projects, I have had a lot of fun shooting panoramic pictures with the Leica M Monochrom. Of course, panoramas can be done with any camera. Stitching techniques will allow you to make a gigapixel […]

The Leica Monochrom is a wonderful night time camera. Featuring sky high ISO, access to some of the worlds fastest lenses and raw files which can be brightened to eternity. Here in the fjord-county of Norway however, sometimes even that is not enough. It can get really dark, usually accompanied by rain and storm. So […]

I believe in black & white photography, the simplicity, the endless classic and most of all since the advent of colour, black & white photography often connotes something «nostalgic», historic or anachronistic and I simply love it, and it has by the years slowly become my photography DNA. To make this project complete in the matter of containing […]

Leica M Monochrom er kanskje det mest unike digitalkameraet på marknaden no. Det diskar opp med bildekvalitet utan sidestykke, men samtidig er det også bortimot kjemisk fritt for automatiske funksjonar. Derfor kan det være nådelaust mot dårleg fotografhandverk. Mange fine fordelar altså, og ein stor bakdel: utbrende høglys er tapt for alltid. Råfiler hjelper litt, men ikkje mykje. Den som kjem frå eit moderne fargekamera der ein kan bomme med to-tre […]

Last year I participated in the Leica Street Smart WorkShop in Istanbul. This year a whole new thing occurred. A new workshop and a new place. Let me present you: Leica Street Smart WorkShop Los Angeles, the city of angels, California, USA. This time the host, Bresson AS, who is the sole distributor of Leica cameras, lenses and binoculars […]