I have used Leica cameras for as long as I can remember. Actually, a Minolta was my first choice at the age of 15, since a Leica was to expensive at this time. So the 4,5 / 75 – 200mm was my preferred zoom, and as far as I know Leitz used the same optical construction just in a Leica wrap. Over time I learned to love my Leica M’s, but never expected they would become a life […]

Happy new year! Let’s start the Leica blog this year with a young view on photography. Our Leica ambassador Damian Heinisch will launch his new website in the nearest days to come. The concept is based on three websites, which are linked to each other and represents the three directions of his photography involvement today: […]

Annonse D2 Skiguiden Bresson Leica M9-P

One week of the Italian Dolomites was just not enough, so three friends of mine, including me, decided to take a late winter trip to Hemsedal. Actually, where else should you head to in Norway if you are hungry for good snow, or even more, a spectacular view?

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Et samarbeid mellom Leica og fotobladet LFI (Leica Fotografie International) har resultert i egen nettside og blad for Leica S2-fotografer. Målet er å vise det beste og siste innen reklamefoto tatt med Leica S2. Det nye nettstedet s-league.net er en plattform der S2-fotografer får vist fram prosjekter og bilder til et internasjonalt publikum. S2-fotografer kan […]

Sunniva foto Damian Heinisch

It is no secret that advertisement knows no limits. We got used to work on campaigns in the summer about christmas, and in december the easter bunnies got delivered in front of our studio door. Summer in winter and autumn in spring. Here it comes : Another assignment for Sunniva. In may (of course), when oranges are in it’s […]

YT TOTAL foto Damian Heinisch

For almost 20 years I have done studio work. It is always astonishing what kind of view and relationship customers have to their own products. The work behind a well produced photograph of a product is sometimes enormous and demands profound skills and the best equipment regarding lights and camera. A misunderstanding between a «pack […]

Damian Heinisch Leica S2 wet

Since the beginning, landscape was my favorite subject in photography. It was Brett Weston, with his miraculous abstractions of nature, who brought me to photography in the tender age of 16. For 25 years I have worked with different personal approaches with the theme of nature and landscape photography. The equipment were adjusted for the […]