On one of my assignments last week I visited the small place Minnesund. A well known landscape architectural office based in Oslo is cultivating parts of the railway and roads in this area, and they asked me if I could take some photos of the process. During the search for interesting perspectives I crawled under […]

It was last summer, when I packed four of my ten R-lenses and my black Leica R8 into my photo-bag and headed out to my birthplace in Poland. On board 70 Kodak Portra 400 films, which got used up to the last roll in the last minute on the plane back to Norway. I enjoy […]

D2 cover Astrup Fearnley, foto Damian Heinisch

The new Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo opens soon and it could easily become another landmark beside the Opera. Ordered by the brothers Selvaag and designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano, it will pride the waterfront scenery at Tjuvholmen. I got the assignment to portrait the building from various angles by D2 magazine. Renzo Piano, […]

Our Leica ambassador Damian Heinisch is going to exhibit at Fotomessen in Lillestrøm between the 2nd and 4th of March. He will show 13 images in total, which represents a small extraction of his recent ongoing personal project. he project W DOMU, «HOME» in Polish, focuses on the question of identity and heritage. After his childhood […]

Dag Alveng, one of the most recognized Norwegian contemporary photographers, opens his new exhibition at Drammen Museum Thursday 23rd of February. The installment is a dual exhibition between Drammen Museum and Galleri Brandstrup in Oslo. Alveng, a passionate racing driver himself, photographed the racing tracks Nürburgring in Germany and Monza in Italy. The project is described as a dive into […]

This assignment was rather challenging and special, since my assistant Mads and I were forced underground! Don’t worry, we are still alive, but believe me the production day was very long and several vegetables got killed. Their sacrifice were not senseless or without a reason, since they all ended up in different casseroles after modeling in front of the camera. The Oslo based Panoramadesign office […]

I have to admit that I am a big fan of mustard. There are always at least three different kind of mustard in our fridge at home. Since the delivered products are very often left for us to keep after the photo shoot is finished, this was a very welcome assignment. The advertising office McCann created a campaign for the traditional Norwegian brand Idun, […]