«Limit» is a series of photographs shot in Oslo, Norway. Oslo is a small, but rapidly developing capital. It is in fact the fastest growing city in Europe. Surrounded by the green forest and the blue fjord, Oslo is a city caught in between two natural reserves. These reserves are protected against human intervention, mostly […]

In the northern parts of Norway at latitide 70° 39′ 42″ N you find Hammerfest, a town with 10.000 inhabitants. What do people from more than 60 countries do in a town like Hammerfest? The project «60 faces» presents one person from each nationality – to show you the diversity. All images are photographed with Leica M9, 50mm and 35mm. Photographer Jan Harald Tomassen captures […]

Photographs from Jo Bentdal’s series Common Sensibility are currently exhibited at Høstutstillingen in Oslo. Common Sensibility is a series of portraits of girls between the age of 12 to 15 in a formal setting, with no styling and minimal alterations in the post processing. The models are my best friends children. Most of my close childhood friends have […]

What does it look like when «World Idol Winner» Kurt Nilsen packs up his Gibson acoustic, and board the double-decker tour buss, to hit the road with his band for a full on summer tour throughout all of Norway? In 2013 Kurt celebrated 10 years as one of the biggest artists in Norway with a […]

Atomkraftverket i Tsjernobyl og den tilhørende byen Pripyat ble bygget ca 100 km fra Kiev. Pripyat ble grunnlagt 2. februar 1970, og i 1986 bestod den av nær 50.000 mennesker. De fleste av de arbeidet på atomkraftverket, og hadde høy utdanning og god lønn. De fikk æren av å bo i en av sovjetunionens svært […]

How you start your day affects the rest of it It is barely passed six this fine Tuesday morning. The sun is rising. Seven nuns and five monks are on their way into a half lit empty church. They are all dressed in white robes. Leather sandals. Bible and psalm book in their hands. On […]

Leica endret dokumentarfotografiet. De små håndholdte kameraene har uniformert fotografer i aviser og billedbyråer i en årrekke og gjort det mulig å fange historiske øyeblikk. «Eyes Wide Open!» gir deg 100 år med Leica-fotografering. Historien om Leica begynner med en tysk finmekaniker. Oskar Barnack slet med astma og hadde vanskelig for å bære rundt på […]