«THE NUDE» – A two-day workshop with the famous photographer Ralph Gibson in Norway.

Ralph Gibson will be attending this year’s Nordic Light festival in Kristiansund, Norway, with both an exhibition and a lecture. Before the lecture he will hold a two-day workshop focusing on photographing “THE NUDE”.

Price: NOK 4990,- including lunch both days and dinner tuesday.

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This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend a workshop by the guidance of one of the great masters in contemporary photography in our scenic city Kristiansund. Bring your camera if you want to learn, be inspired and expand your visual horizons.

After a workshop with Ralph Gibson you can be sure your portfolio will be taken to new heights. During the workshop the shooting will take place in different locations throughout the city, surrounded by natural lighting.


Nordic Light International Festival of Photography is a weeklong international gathering that celebrates photography as an artform. The philosophy is to bring photography and photographers to the people.

This year’s festival takes place from 27th of April to May 1st. During the festival week, the locals, international photographers, students, amateurs and pupils gather in what has become a melting pot of photographic and cultural events in Kristiansund, a cosy coastal town in the western parts of Norway. This area was in 2009 voted as the most beautiful travel target on earth by National Geographic. Read more about the festival

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