This summer I was fortunate to get invited to Leica M test drive. This exclusive Leica campaign lets you borrow a Leica M with a 35 or 50 mm lens. I immediately got in touch with Interfoto and Bresson in Norway and they had me fully equipped in minutes. Thanks to Katrine at Bresson for the great service! I felt the excitement as I wandered the streets of Oslo with a 50 mm Summilux attached.

As a photo-enthusiast and Leica M6/M9 owner, I had no issues setting up or using the camera. The menu system has been redesigned and new buttons have been introduced, but this is so intuitive that there is no need for written instructions. The larger and much better 920k dot LCD screen was a big welcome and also the new thumb-grip, and not to forget the new and wonderful shutter-sound!

The M 240 is a significant upgrade for Leica as they transition to CMOS sensor. The raw files this camera produces are simply outstanding. 24 megapixels of joy, with details that will blow you away. Video and live view capability has also been added. This may appeal to some, but I feel it defeats the rangefinder experience. Here are some samples.








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