We are living in a time of consequence. We are perhaps living in the most defining time of our history. The choices we make today will have great effect on the planet in the near future. Together with my alumni class at Bilder Nordic School of Photography we wanted to reflected upon our society today and in the future. Through four dimensions we took a closer look at issues important to us. The four dimensions consist of Self-Worth, Sustainability, Idealism and feminism.

As a part of the sustainability group I decided to take a closer look at consumption and more specifically over-consumption. There is no doubt that most of our consumption today are unsustainable. Each year an average norwegian throws away 50 kg of food. For an average norwegian family this equals 10.000 kr. Seen in a bigger picture it’s clear that this has a big effect on our planet. Not only are we wasting lots of resources and eatable food we are also wasting money. We are shredding money every day. I decided to campaign, raise 10.000 kr and then shred it. Is this really any different than what we do every day?

I knew the picture had to be clean, crisp and super sharp. The Leica S was the right camera for the job. I equipped the S with a Summarit-S 70mm and got going. I wanted a simple yet effective lighting to highlight the shredded money. I wanted to catch all the tiny details of the money. I want people to stop and reflect.

See this picture and 33 other projects as a part of the Moments Of Consequence exhibition at Oslo Rådhusgalleri. The Exhibition runs from April 3rd through April 13th. Visit www.momentsofconsequence.net for more information and teasers.


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