It is always a joy and a remarkable moment when new family members arrive. This time it became a special event since the new born appeared in the form of twins. Almost identical in their appearance, the two small beauties looked into the worlds light. One rather golden, while the other much darker with a glimpse of elegant violet, but both similar gifted. It was clear from the first moment that the new born not only charmed their surroundings with grace, but had all the abilities to communicate with the outer world; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – you name it. It seems that todays children are born with the language of sharing their achievements.

Did you get the metaphor? Leica C has arrived!

Wifi on board, 10 images per second, full HD video and of course a razor sharp Leica zoomlens. It wouldn’t be a real Leica without, would it? You have the fantastic possibility to control the camera with your phone and see through the lens with the camera placed out of your reach. Playful, fast and elegant!

I wanted to show the beauty and elegance of the Leica C in one simple image, and at the same time make the viewer understand that the Leica C universe is surrounded by many accessories. A kind of lego system built around the camera. This was a perfect job for my Leica S. I equipped the Leica S with the Leica Summarit-S 120mm macro lens to catch the scenery and guaranty the best and most crispy result.

The lighting turned out to be a bit tricky because of the structure of the velour in the Leica C Clutch and the smooth metallic surface of the Leica C. The point was to make both materials look good at the same time. I don’t look on objects individually, but always try to see the whole idea and materials as one unit. I don’t simply work with softboxes as many do in our days. I try to do most of the retouching in front of the camera and not putting the effort into postproduction. I like it authentic.

With the Leica C and the Leica C Clutch the retouching was simple, since Bresson delivered pristine looking objects with a beautiful looking surface. That’s not always the case with products out of a production line. We even had to remove all the dust in our studio before we took the images. Dust is small, but in a blown up advert it easily becomes the size of a raisin! Spotlighting or gradient setting light tools are usual in my studio. That demands precise lighting, but you get rewarded with crispy and vivid looking objects. It’s about portraying objects, not reproducing them.

I am sure that the Leica C will not only win the heart of a female with its elegant appearance, but will certainly flirt with the male gender as well.

Good luck Leica C. You have talent!

Behind the scenes photos:






Click on this image for a full size view.

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Damian Heinisch, Leica S


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