Winner of first price – Sébastian Dahl

Driven by curiosity, Sébastian Dahl (25), hitchhiked from Oslo to Beirut where he visited the racetrack, and photographed a series about people with different religious beliefs getting together to win.


Being ‘Up & Coming’ means to discover a story that engages you and telling it with photographs, and at the same time giving the audience a feeling of wanting to know more.
Sébastian Dahl has created a beautiful and emotional series that shows personality.


«The racetrack in Beirut is located on the Green Line, the border between the Muslim and Christian quarters. The park is located right in the central city and was one of the most common places to cross from east to west during the civil war in Lebanon between 1975 and 1990.


It is said that it was arranged illegal races between the battles. Every Sunday, a several hundred men in all ages – Muslims, Christians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese – meet to bet on who they think is the fastest horse. They tell that if they win, they will travel to Rio or Miami… and every Sunday they come back. »




Winner of second price – Jo Bentdal


It is an art to create a fictional story as Jo Bentdal has done. To create a story where all the parts end up in the right place requires precision. With accuracy he offers us a story with a poetic interpretation of the theme «time period». But the jury is missing accuracy in the task of not to tell too much.


”Intermissions –
All sets of ideas that gets a foothold in large parts of a population can be seen as institutions.
A fair assumption is that all viable insitutions serve a purpose and have meaning in the context in which they are established. At least the all have a cause. The nature of an insitution is, however, to enclose some, and to exclude something or someone. No insitution is perfect or complete.


We can learn something for better or worse, from all institutions we encounter, whether we find ourself on the inside or not. But because we all have a finite capacity for insight, and despite the fact that we are all influenced or bound by some institutions we all have our unique set of personal experiences, needs, properties and interests and therefor our unique interpretations and perceptions. Hence what we take from or contribute to the institutions, and cultures in general, must be individual. Maybe thats what constitutes our identity?»


Winner of third price – Kjetil Skårdal Andersen


With an innovative and unusual series, Kjetil Skårdal Andersen (21), creates a sense of energy and positivity in what is often presented as depressing. A daring and experimental style according to the jury. It is easy to fall for cliches of different styles and themes, but something as innovative as these photographs is received with joy.




Bresson would like to congratulate the winners and thank all the participants for their submissions.

Jury: Kristin Skåmedal from Fotografi, photographer Christian Houge, photographer Damian Heinisch og Katrine Adler-Gjerde from Bresson.

Topic: «Time period.»

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  2. […] Sébastian holds the first prize of the Leica ‘Up and Coming Award 2013′ for his series about the Hippodrome in Beirut. […]


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