On one of my assignments last week I visited the small place Minnesund. A well known landscape architectural office based in Oslo is cultivating parts of the railway and roads in this area, and they asked me if I could take some photos of the process.


During the search for interesting perspectives I crawled under one of the bridges and a transformed world was revealed in front of my eyes. I got some flashbacks of my early days in photography and my fascination for classical landscape motives. I followed the path for two hours.


I was worried about the capacity of the battery, because the temperature was below -23 degrees, but for my big surprise it lasted for seven hours straight.


The new S-model is smoother, faster and has new features that I use everyday at work. The most important feature for me is the horizon leveller and the timer for long exposures, and the navigation is much faster and more comfortable because of the new joystick.


In the end I followed the light until the moon came up, and in retrospect I should have been more worried about freezing my fingers and toes off than damaging my equipment.


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Damian Heinisch, Leica S


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