My approach in most of my personal projects is documentary-art photography. I prefer to use natural and available light, discover motives rather than make motives, which means a minimal level of hassle for people being photographed. I think it’s the best way to achieve a spontaneous and believable feel in the pictures. It makes it so much more interesting, as it allows me to respond to the world and react to the things that I’m drawn to.

This particular work is done in Rio de Janeiro, in the favelas and in the richer parts of the city. Rio is a city where people have  a strong sense of common identity, and at the same time it is a city of contrast. The title, «Cada Um, cada um», can be translated to «every one for oneself».

Utstilling av Jo Bentdal:

Lørdag 23.06.2012 fra 14:00-18:00 er det åpen fotoutstilling med bilder av Jo Bentdal i Nobelsgate 1c på Frogner i Oslo. I perioden fra 24.06 til 30.06 arrangeres visning etter avtale på telefon: 91886621.

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