Our Leica ambassador Damian Heinisch is going to exhibit at Fotomessen in Lillestrøm between the 2nd and 4th of March. He will show 13 images in total, which represents a small extraction of his recent ongoing personal project.

he project W DOMU, «HOME» in Polish, focuses on the question of identity and heritage. After his childhood in Poland, the youth and years of education in Germany, Norway is the 3rd country Heinisch has resided in. The place of birth (Zabrze) was one of the most polluted industrial places in the socialistic closed Europe of the 70s and simultaneously the old border between Germany and Poland before World War 2. The memories from this region function as a scene of inspiration for questioning thoughts of existence, religion, security, tradition and familial by proxy memories of the Second World War. All images are taken in Norway within a radius of 500 meters from the entrance door of his current abode. The landscape and still life photographs represent a small extraction of the ongoing project and will be complemented by images taken around the former residences in Germany and Poland.

«Since the beginning of the project I have worked with my Leica S2 equipment, which I actually bought mainly for that reason. Only the best is good enough when it comes to the standards of print quality for exhibitions. I have worked with large format photography for over 20 years and you become easily spoiled. It becomes quite clear working in the lab daily before exhibitions and doing the print work that digital 35mm meets their limits. It is simply not just about pixel account. The S-gear with its larger sensor makes no compromise and reminds me or even exceeds the experience I remember from large format.  On the computer screen it all may look similar, but on print the difference to 35 mm format sensors becomes quite obvious. I use the S-equipment in limited situations. My preferred exposure time often exceeds 40 seconds or more, still I find the result very pleasing. It is simply a joy to work with. On this personal project I have almost exclusively used the Summarit-S 70 mm . The perspective is close to the perspective of our eye and  it also reminds me of my work with large format camera.

I would like to thank Bresson for sponsoring the exhibition.»

– Damian Heinisch

For more information, please read about the project in this interview on fotografi.no.

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Damian Heinisch, Leica S


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