This assignment was rather challenging and special, since my assistant Mads and I were forced underground! Don’t worry, we are still alive, but believe me the production day was very long and several vegetables got killed. Their sacrifice were not senseless or without a reason, since they all ended up in different casseroles after modeling in front of the camera.

The Oslo based Panoramadesign office contacted me with an unusual profile campaign for the Norwegian brand Grøde. Grøde is a community of farmers with the goal to deliver locally grown products of outstanding quality to the best chefs. Since the area is known for its fertile soil and good climate, we tried to visualize that in the final image. Today Grøde grows 12 different products which makes it a perfect number for a calendar. I hope we might realize this idea in the future as well.

It was obvious from the beginning that the final image would be not just a compost, but mainly  composite work. We hired a large van and drove from farmer to farmer to collect the vegetables harvested fresh from the fields.

I am very particular about getting the best looking products for the image and try to prevent long hours of post production, so I often choose the products myself. After eight hours in the field we had collected delicate models to put in front of the camera. The morning after almost every plant looked very poor or even dead.

I used all my different Summarit-S lenses on this set, each needed for its unique angle to achieve the correct result. We gathered our little stars in front of a late summer sky lightened by noon sunlight. The final image is almost 250 cm in size and even my computer slowed down. With the quality of the Leica S2 and the Summarit-S lenses the result could be enlarged up to 10 meters without any problems.

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