I have to admit that I am a big fan of mustard. There are always at least three different kind of mustard in our fridge at home. Since the delivered products are very often left for us to keep after the photo shoot is finished, this was a very welcome assignment.

The advertising office McCann created a campaign for the traditional Norwegian brand Idun, with focus on raw materials, on which the quality of the product is dependent. The customer warned us and told us to keep the windows open since we received fresh grained mustard powder, and they were concerned we would suffer on the set. In the end though it turned out to be rather fun to stick our wet fingers into the storage bins and let the powder melt on our tongues.

Since I tried to avoid too much postproduction and wanted the final result to look as analogue as possible, I focused on shooting the whole assignment in one shot. This demanded careful planning. By using real falling grains on the black set we only had one shot to get it right before the set was ruined. Several tests were necessary to determine the best aperture of the paper cone and the speed of the falling grains.

The 120mm macro Summarit-S was the right choice, since I liked a bit flatter perspective and the extra crispness of the lens. In the end the customer was very pleased with the result and our fridge filled up with some hot products.

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Damian Heinisch, Leica S