I have used Leica cameras for as long as I can remember. Actually, a Minolta was my first choice at the age of 15, since a Leica was to expensive at this time. So the 4,5 / 75 – 200mm was my preferred zoom, and as far as I know Leitz used the same optical construction just in a Leica wrap. Over time I learned to love my Leica M’s, but never expected they would become a life savior sometimes.

My M9-P equipped with a 50 mm Summicron is always with me on the plane. I am one of those guys sweating blood before boarding a plane. This sometimes start several weeks ahead. I have tried a lot in the past to relax on a plane, but wouldn’t expect that the viewfinder of my camera would become my best medicine. Even if I do it regularly in my job, I still see each flight as a miracle. Not necessarily a technical miracle, but looking down from this perspective on the planet and hovering through the skies is a privilege for me.

I want to share some images I have taken in the past two years with certainly a high adrenaline rush in my veins, but also a breathtaking scenery in front of my eyes.

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Damian Heinisch, Leica M