13. januar 2012

My students

Happy new year! Let’s start the Leica blog this year with a young view on photography.

Our Leica ambassador Damian Heinisch will launch his new website in the nearest days to come. The concept is based on three websites, which are linked to each other and represents the three directions of his photography involvement today: Commission, personal projects and teaching.

Today the first got launched at mystudents.me

Alexander Habesland is one of the first photographers on the site and has already shown some other work he took with the Leica S2 on this blog. We hope many more will follow!

«This site is dedicated to the work of our students. I was carrying the idea and the wish to collect and share some of our student photography and film for a long time now. Most of the series shown here are the result of an intense process of educational development at Bilder Nordic School of Photography and other workshops on either a half year, or two year study period.

The genres may vary as does the media and approach, a fact that reflects the ongoing process and the changing nature of visual media in our time. I hope to see the site grow steadily and become a small inspiration and example of young Norwegian photography.

It is intended to update the site regularly. Feel free to join us on Facebook to be informed about the latest updates!»

Bresson has many exciting news and plans for 2012 and young photography. We will soon launch some information about the photo competition Up and Coming 2012. Our goal is to promote young talented photographers in the start of their career and inspire them for further development.

Photo: Kristian Solli

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