Helene Gulaker Hansen Leica S2

I have developed a personal relationship with my M9 and Noctilux believing nothing (or nobody) could come between us. Complementing my bag with the Canon 5D for precision work and HD filming I thought I was all set.

But the thing is. We have a Leica ambassador in our studio; Damian Heinisch, I started to notice how he just smiled when the rest of us talked about our gear. Listened politely and tightened his grip. After some time of watching this mysterious behaviour my curiosity exploded. And I ended up with a complete setup for testing from Bresson.

As I more or less have unfriended my tripod and restricts the use of flash I was quite curious of how the S2 would perform in my work. Handheld in natural light.

One studio shoot and two outdoors. It was a thrill. I can easily talk about the crisp viewfinder, the low weight, the precise focus, or the relaxed way I can hold it. The soft sounds, the logic placements of buttons ready when needed. The feeling in the pictures is more difficult to explain. Subtle as in meeting a soulmate. When all fall into places.

I definitely have to be careful about the lighting conditions, but as I tend to work with a wide open aperture I found enough light to move freely around. One picture at the time. With the feeling of capturing something bigger. Which also is a fact. Entering the digital darkroom with a 70 MB image is pure delight where pulling the curves is like unfolding a Man Ray short film. Treasurehunting in the shadows.

I am impressed and amazed by going for my first medium format camera. The S2 has found its place next to the M9 in my bag. Giving big promises and strange expectations.

Helene Gulaker Hansen Leica S2

Helene Gulaker Hansen Leica S2

Helene Gulaker Hansen Leica S2
Helene Gulaker Hansen is a Fine Art Photographer. See more pictures at:
www.hghstudio.no and her photoblog www.leicame.com.

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