Sunniva foto Damian Heinisch

It is no secret that advertisement knows no limits. We got used to work on campaigns in the summer about christmas, and in december the easter bunnies got delivered in front of our studio door. Summer in winter and autumn in spring. Here it comes : Another assignment for Sunniva.

Damian Heinisch Sunniva

In may (of course), when oranges are in it’s full blossom in the country, we examined 13 different sorts of oranges all together. In the end only one sort didn’t fall apart while opening and didn’t look green inside. You may notice my ironic undertone. With the experience of 3D-work from the last Sunniva assignment, we knew what to do: Peeling oranges by hand and get the best pieces possible! There was a job to do over the next two days to get the nicest and best of it’s kind.

Damian heinisch Sunniva

My assistant Mads built a wireframe bottle to assure we could layer all the beauties, and get a through illuminated light combined with a top fill in spotlight. The art direction suggested a photoshop solution first, but I convinced them to go the traditional way. Our eyes are very critical to wrong light and I often prefer an analog approach. In the end photoshop was only used to extract the outer line and retouch some oranges nicer. To work with a medium format sensor on such assignment is essential to get the most out of structures, textures and crispiness and color. I used the Summarit-S 120mm Macro on this assignment. This lens is sublime and knows no compromise. It is the sharpest lens I own and most probably also around.

Damian Heinisch Sunniva

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