Damian Heinisch for TINE Sunniva

Sunniva Premium is an exclusive orange juice produced by the Norwegian brand TINE. To show the effort of the whole process of creating the juice, the advertising office McCann launched a campaign displaying several stages of the production. Each motive symbolizes in a humoristic way one step of the quality chain and stayes on print for a couple of weeks, followed by the next motive.

Damian Heinisch for TINE Sunniva

The stages included:

  1. Collecting the best oranges in the world.
  2. The process of pressing.
  3. The transport.
  4. The composition of the juice from different oranges.
  5. The packaging and distribution.

The budget was set and the goal ambitious and challenging. The orange season was at the lowest point and even the customer could not offer and deliver good raw materials. The oranges just looked yellow and not juicy at all. Straight from the beginning it was clear that the approach would focus heavily on postproduction. I included the thought of building models, but the best model builder in Europe rejected the assignment, because of the material complexity. Finally I decided to work with one of the best 3D offices in Norway. I have worked with Oslo based Gimpville (www.gimpville.no) on several assignments before, they are well known for excellent work, and I am already looking forward to the next opportunity to work with them.

Damian Heinisch for TINE Sunniva

Without any doubt, 3D work is capable of the finest results today. Well produced high resolution work though is time intense and expensive. In many ways 3D designers decide for a combination of photography and CGI work. Especially food and the nature of it’s structure leaves a big headache still. The production took several weeks since we tried different approaches. Some of the 35mm photography, shot by the office and mixed in the 3D work, needed to be reshot by the Leica S2. In product photography the limitations of a 35mm digital system becomes obvious. Structures often just look flat and not juicy enough. The Leica S2 is a joy to use, because you are simply spoiled by pristine quality. I use all my S-lenses in product photography, and I’m always astonished by how good the widangle Summarit 35mm and the normal Summarit 70mm perform regarding the macro distance.

In the end I got a lot of new experiences and the customer was very pleased with the result.

Damian Heinisch for TINE Sunniva

Damian Heinisch for TINE Sunniva

Damian Heinisch for TINE Sunniva

Damian Heinisch for TINE Sunniva

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