Helene Gulaker HansenI have a no-end fascination for exploring beyond my own reality in my work. I bought my first Leica (M9) one year ago where the legendary Noctilux F1 has proved to be an amazing tool for this exploration. While the Leica optics are renowned for their sharpness I have found that I prefer to move in and out of situations with a wide-open f1.0. Challenging me to trust intuition before technique. Giving answers to questions I never even had. And moments of grace that was nearly missed. I am happy to present some of my findings from two different projects.

1. Where do I end? And You begin?

This is an ongoing project exploring the in-between fields in love relations. The selection is from Part 1 working with my children.

Helene Gulaker Hansen


Helene Gulaker Hansen


Helene Gulaker Hansen


2. She´s a Warrior.

I am amazed by observing explosions of energy in something being presumably still. In this project observing the vibrantly alive woman battling to be, yet enjoying the quiet strength in the fight.

Helene Gulaker Hansen

Helene Gulaker Hansen is based in Oslo and work as a professional photographer sharing studio with nine photographers in the beautiful Studio Luxemburg. Studies in Graphic Design at Central St Martins in London then moved on to Photography and studies at Bilder Nordic School of Photography in Oslo.
See more projects and information at the website hghstudio.no and the blog leicame.com, or contact her at helene@hghstudio.no.

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