In the winter of 2010, the Kitchen advertising office in Oslo offered me a beautiful assignment for the VIC company. VIC is a Norwegian company which gathers several known clothing brands under one roof.

The task was to gather them all in a butterfly collectors box. Each butterfly was represented by one typical piece. The assignment was very challenging and only the best  solution was good enough. Anke Lachmuth from the German Liga Nord Agency in Hamburg did a miraculous job. Each piece was chosen carefully and transformed into a butterfly by her hands. We approached the end result in the most analogue way. The shadows and needles were photographed for each individual piece. Frido Everts built the beautiful frames. Photoshop was used to add all the small details together in the end.

Since Kitchen worked on a parallel tv and cinema film with Pravda and Gimpville (watch the final film here: VIC-reklamefilm), we decided to make a behind the scenes movie. My assistant Mads Huseby took over the great job. Watch the result here:

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